How to Get Pokemon Go Great Balls?

As a fan of Pokemon game, you know the ideal of the Great Ball for sure. It’s described as a more powerful Poke Ball that is used to catch Pokemon in higher levels.

But, is it easy to get Pokemon GO Great Balls?

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Pokemon GO Great Balls

One of the most critical items in this game is the Poke Ball since you can use it tocapture different Pokemon. And when playing through, you are able to get upgraded versions of Poke Ball like Great Balls and the others. So, to help you understand better, please take a look at a short guide below.

How to get and use Pokemon GO Great Balls?

The Great Balls are an improved version of Poke Balls that are availed to seizerarePokemon that might resist by a regular Poke Ball.

But, you won’t have any Great Balls at the beginning of the game because they only appear when you’re in the level 12. It’s a point that every player will receive an award of 20 Great Balls. And after every level until you reach to level 19, you can get free Great Balls as a bonus.

get and use Pokemon GO Great Balls

Where are truly the Great Balls?

Whenever hitting the appropriate level, you can search for these balls at the same PokeStops as you can look for other items. Additionally, you can earn them as level bonuses like you get Poke balls as level bonuses at the lower experience levels. As a plus, don’t forget to use Lucky Eggs as often as possible since they double your experience for half an hour after using them.

How about using the Great Balls to capture Pokemon? Indeed, it’s similar to use the Poke Ball.

Whenever catching any Pokemon in the wild, you need to hold down on the Great Ball, slide up and then let it go towards that Pokemon. It the Great Ball connects successfully, the Pokemon will be captured unless it tries to escape.

Especially, you also avail your bonuses on seizing Pokemon by aiming the ball towards the middle of the Pokemon while letting the circle indicator shrink down. Note that the closer the ball is, the better bonus you will receive. And don’t forget to hold down the ball for a curveball bonus that gives extra EXP.


Now, you know how to get Pokemon GO Great Balls, don’t you?

Just focus on playing, collect more and more EXP to reach level 12 soon and then you will have to get lots of the Great Balls for capturing tougher Pokemon without breaking a sweat.