Suikoden 3 review – Things you should know

Since Suikoden 1 & 2 have become two of the best RPGs on PS1 and even PS2, the appearance of Suikoden 3 instantly gets HUGE attention from players from all over the world. If you’re going to play this game, don’t miss reading our Suikoden 3 review at first.

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Suikoden 3 Review 1

Suikoden 3 review – Things you should know

As compared to the two first versions, Suikoden 3 comes with BIG structural changes that vary the formula of the game. Although you can discover familiar 108 stars of destiny and castle-building recruiting, the story mainly turns around the adventures of three specific characters with a crossover storyline. In the first three chapters, each goes through the same events from their perspective and even crosses paths with each other. After spending all three chapters, you need to select one for the rest of the game.

Actually, you can enjoy Suikoden 3 without playing Suikoden 2. But, if yes, it will be a bonus because you will understand some situations as well as knowing who is going to reappear.

New features in gameplay

While combating, the skill system is considered as a great addition. Aside from using normal XP, skill points that you receive when playing will be used to levelup and acquire skills. Moreover, they can range from better buffs from armor in order to deal with more damage effectively. However, be careful when using since some characters cannot avail skills since they are more powerful.

Although this version is lack of mini-bosses and treasure chests, they are combined instead. For instance, you can catch the bosses in some specific places and then begin a mini-boss battle. And the most exciting thing is that these bosses are protecting a treasure chest with random rewards. That means if you defeat them successfully, you can get more chests.

New features in gameplay - Suikoden 3 Review

Another interesting thing is that you can get a myriad of functions. For instance, while Defend and Attack are self-explanatory, Rune permits you to cast a magic spell (it depends on your character’s abilities and Runes). In case you want to avail one or Combination Attack, just choose “Item.”

Additionally, the army combat becomes unique and fun because you are able to use many different characters. For example, you can quickly create a group of up to four. Even, your character’s stats influencethose who are used to discover combat damage. Plus, strategic concepts such as flanking and terrain play colossal importance, bringing a layer of strategy that you cannot find in any version.

New features in graphics

The new and improved visuals are another BIG change in our Suikoden 3 review. Unlike the sprite-based graphics of the first two versions, you can see the more vintage appeal. But, the 3D graphics seem to slow the game’s progression. As a whole, all are BIG efforts that this new version wants to present the players.

New features in sound

The sound is not the strongest point in Suikoden 3; however, it’s fixed a problem to a lesser degree from Suikoden 1 & 2. Actually, we rather prefer the sound effects with a good mix of audio. Arrow swishes, sword clangs or cracking fire are genuinely handled, though we’re in the age of advanced technology.

New features in sound - Suikoden 3 Review

Final words

With basic information in our Suikoden 3 review above, you can recognize that this version is a fine installment to finish the trilogy. If you’re a veteran player, you can soon discover an attracting storyline that keeps paces with its predecessors. Or in case you are a newcomer, the story, itself, is self-contained and a good start so that you can experience and enjoy a gigantic world in Suikoden 3.

No time for hesitating! Enjoy this game now!