Suikoden 5 Review for PlayStation 2

suikoden 5 review

In our objective opinion, the Suikoden series has been an excellent traditional roleplaying game storytelling and design. Instead of joining a grand quest to save the world, you have to confront political dramas around kingdoms and empires and solve problems. And after experiencing all four previous versions, the fifth one satisfies you (as Suikoden fans) for sure.

Be ready to discover new things in our Suikoden 5 review for PlayStation 2? Here we go!

suikoden 5 review

All you should know about Suikoden 5 review

It can be said that Suikoden 5 is a BIG success and GREAT connection from the fourth version. Moreover, it’s a traditional approach to what was disappeared when the franchise moved from the PlayStation 1 to the PlayStation 2. Now, let’s welcome back 108 Stars of Destiny and start recruiting one of the characters you like most! And note that each character has diversity and vary from one another as compared with other Suikoden versions.

The main setting of this game takes place in Queendom of Falena. It’s described as a vibrant and lush land defended by the power of the Sun Rune. As one of the True Runes, this Sun Rune is essential to the game plot and serves as the opening incident which gets Suikoden5 going.

At this time, you will become the Prince of Falena, the only son of King Ferid and Queen Arshtat. Your first mission is to inspect the damage done to Lordlake, a small town where the Queen Arshtatreleased the power of the Sun Rune to suppress a revolt, turning a lush green area into a barren land with rock and sand. Besides, you have to discover what the Sun Rune has done, what other nobles are planning, which magic is using, etc.

Great and new features in Suikoden 5

In the essence of Suikoden 5 review, this game says NO to the unwelcome innovations of Suikoden 3 and 4 and goes back to the fast-paced 6 Person Party of Suikoden 1 and 2. However, this version also comes with a slight twist. It includes the combat skills from Suikoden 3 and the Team up Magic attacks from Suikoden 4 and supplements a new Formation Changing feature.

features in Suikoden 5

The Unite Attacks in Suikoden 5 are present and expanded that is similar to Chrono Triggers Dual Techs. These attacks are all symbolic of amusing character traits, from the Bald Head Flash to the Sworn Protector.

The battle systems of this version are also a GREAT upgrade. The Real-time Strategy Battle System acts as a kind of Real Time Rock Paper Scissors where you avail Infantry, Archers, and Cavalry to ward off other units of the same type. This system also expands to naval struggle where you use Raider, Arrow, and Ramming Boats to show the similar effect to the different ground forces. Besides, it permits you to utilize magic, melee fighting through special skills and runes for each character.

Similar to Suikoden 4, you are able to combine two attacks from individual characters into one team attack. And after every battle, you will receive XP and skill points, allowing you to enhance the abilities of the characters.

Another important feature is the Castle Development, where you can recruit various members of your army. Actually, this place is not different from previous entries in other versions. That means you can get your standard shop owners, your inn, a fishing mini-game, different gambling mini-games, and so on.

The last thing that is also critical to make Suikoden 5 excited to play is an excellent soundtrack. These tracks are suitably dramatic and well-placed and might transfer the suitable level of epic. Moreover, the voice acting is modest, giving your characters a unique voice.

In sum

The Suikoden 5 review represents a homecoming of sorts. It can be said that it does an excellent job of giving many of the series’ best elements to the previous versions as well as bringing a wonderful experience that you will appreciate. Furthermore, the captivating storytelling links perfectly into the recruitment of the 108 Stars of Destiny.

So, don’t overthink, guys! Just play and explore cool things as we mentioned above now.